"I Just Work Here" presents: New Neighbor

Finally! I've gotten to one of the three characters from the characters contest back in August. Meet Stressy Bessy. The idea came from Shelly H. in Utah. The idea was to have a worker constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Everyone gets stressed, but you always have someone in the office who tends to feel it worse than most. I loved this idea not only because drawing people freaking out is fun, but also because drawing wild, crazy, out-of-control hair is even more fun.

This strip was a landmark in many ways. The first one wasn't a good one, though: this is the first strip to fail to meet the two-week deadline. However, it's also the first strip not to be crippled by my terrible handwriting... Enter the computerized speech bubble and printed word! Hooray! This required downloading a special tool for Photoshop and the subsequent learning to use it. The next comic will incorporate them in a far cleaner fashion, I do hope.

Also, during the past two weeks, I finalized designs for this website, got promoted, started production on another comic strip (updates on that to come later), and discovered a new love for Shopper's Colossal Donuts. Good, good times. But also very busy, and I admit I'm worn out.

Finally, allow me to take a moment to apologize to all the people who receive my updates: I believe this week marked the umpteenth time I sent out an update, followed by a correction update (in this case, I goofed on the initial overhaul of this website). The bottom line is I have the excitability of a 10-year-old hopped up on Pixie Sticks, and I tend to get so excited about things like this I occassionally jump the gun when I unveil them. I'm trying to stop doing this, I promise.