"I Just Work Here" presents: Password Protected

Ah, Number Three. There's actually a fun story behind this one...

After the success of the first two "I Just Work Here" strips, I admit I was feelin' pret-tee good, yessir I was. Now, most of the feedback I was getting was in the office where I work, so I decided to have a strip geared towards something office-specific for my coworkers. Thinking only of the reaction of my coworkers- not Management, only coworkers- I wrote a strip the demonized one of our computer programs. Turns out Management was the only one to see it, and they were... less than happy. It wasn't until a senior worker explained to me making fun of your employer's computer programs is generally considered insulting that I FINALLY figured out what the problem was. I wrote a long apology to our department head with a promise the strip would not get published, and it never did. "Password Protected" contains only the art from that strip; the original dialogue was edited out.

And the moral of the story is: "Stay away from the evil computer programs, both in the comics and the real world. You'll be much better off for it."