"I Just Work Here" presents: She's THAT Girl

Yeessss, Allison drives a Honda CR-Z. This is because the CR-Z is an oober cool car. However, it *might* have been in my best interests to oh, say, practice drawing cars before drawing this comic... Unfortunately I've been overwhelmed with personal projects and web designing and didn't have any time to practice, so I had to wing it. I promise to do better next time.

Speaking of next time, there will NOT be a comic update next week. I had hoped to not have to skip any updates, but like I said above I'm pretty overwhelmed with personal projects and such these days. I need a week to collect myself and get set for the upcoming holidays. Last year I promised there would be no more nonense during the holiday season, and gosh darn it I'm sticking to that resolution, so I'm going to regroup NOW so I don't crash and burn LATER. If all goes well, I'll do what I can to do two updates during one of these weeks to make up for the lost strip.

See you on the 25th!