"I Just Work Here" presents: Socio-Workers

Pretty sure Mack walked right into that one...

The inking on this one came out much better than the last few pages for me. I really like how the shading came out, but above all I like how deep this one looks, particularly the 5th panel. One of the tough things about doing straight black-and-white comics with no greyscale is it can be hard to show depth in a scene, so when it does work out I'm always quite pleased. It's really tricky because if you use too much ink, you have a messy Cacaphony of Blah that's hard for the eye to understand, but if you don't have enough ink then you just have a collection of lines that can be equally hard for the eye to understand. Since I have no formal art training everything I do is pulled out of a hat, but I feel progress is being made. I'm also happy to note it's October and I've managed to stick to last year's New Year's Resolution that involved continuing to improve the art quality of IJWH.