"I Just Work Here" presents: The Button-Pusher

...The worst she can say is "no," right? "I'm seeing someone else right now" is another, more accurate response.

I'M ALMOST READY TO PUT ANOTHER STRIP OUT. Almost. o___0 That statement was almost profound, if it weren't for the "almost" sandwiched between "I'm" and "ready". On the off-chance you've ever perused the FAQs section, you might have read IJWH wasn't my first comic strip; nowhere close, really. I started a strip when I was 12 called "Just Caitlin", and now 12 years later I've redrawn and am coloring it. The website for Just Caitlin is about 50% complete, and starting Sunday or Monday the 12th or 13th I'm going to start posting the strips. The url for the site is http://www.justcaitlincomics.com... You should definitely add it to your "favorites" bar on your web browser. It's gonna be EPIC. Like root beer and cookie dough epic. EPIC.