"I Just Work Here" presents: Don't Leave!!!


This comic is dedicated to my wonderful teacher/mentor/friend, Labelle, who recently left our office to pursue a truly awesome job opportunity elsewhere. Poor Labelle was tasked with teaching me how to do my job, and it's thanks to her I can claim any level of competency at what I do. The Bearded Wonder there is Rob, another one of Labelle's proteges and my frequent partner-in-nonsense. Seeing as how I tend to be much better with pictures rather than words, I drew this for Labelle and gave her a printed copy as a big thank-you before she left.

I also want to mention it was Labelle who first suggested in February 2011 I do a strip about life working in welfare, so if you enjoy IJWH, say a special thank-you to Labelle, because I very well may never have bothered with this strip without her suggestion.

Thank you, Labelle!