"I Just Work Here" presents: Nikki Gets A Minion

Another cartoon drawn under the influence of a concussion. Unfortunately the inking was much sloppier than I'm used to, and more edits in Photoshop than usual were required. I suppose I shouldn't whine, and just be grateful the page was salvageable, but I hate making edits in Photoshop because it feels like cheating.

I'd originally intended for Javiera's new mentor to be the lady who showed her around the office in IJWH #19, but I ended up with Nikki for several story-related reasons. That and I can't think up a good name for the other lady. Oh, she'll be back, name and all, but her role will be much different than I originally set out for her.

And then, finally, observant readers will notice the font changed; I'm now using a font called Komika Slick, a variant of the Komika Hand font used in earlier comics. It was hard to tell the difference between commas and periods with the Komika Hand, so adjustments had to be made. I expect this will be the last time the main font changes, but I'm still relatively new at this and doing my best. Hope you find this one easier to read.