"I Just Work Here" presents: Unit of Disease

Couple of fun things going on here. The most obvious one is the introduction of the terrifying Frunch. More to come on that later.

Even MORE exciting is the text! YAY!!! Not following me?... Okay yeah I admit this is kinda obscure... But I've finally found a font-type for IJWH! After a lot of fishing around on the web, I've finally decided to use a font called Komika Hand. My own handwriting, used for the first 20-something strips, is rather atrocious, and I felt bad inflicting it on readers. But the Comic Sans font wasn't looking too good, either, so I downloaded Komika Hand. It has a clean, handwritten feel to it that I really like. Observant readers will also notice the font used for Fred has been changed as well; I found an excellent, aptly-named font called Voodoo Spirits that amuses me greatly. It's all about the little things.