"I Just Work Here" presents: TMI

Anyone who has ever been a worker has experienced something like this.

Sometimes, during interviews or phone conversations workers bear witness to strange and bizarre stories that, frankly, they often didn't want to know. Over the years I have come to the conclusion these stories are not told with the intent to gross out or make the worker uncomfortable; rather, the client simply has a story they really want to share. I've heard some pretty wild things, from embarassing relationship moments to really gross health problems to family secrets, you name it. I even had a client share with me the details of a poorly performed abortion. As a worker it can be difficult to cut people off when the conversation steers in these types of directions, because in most cases the individual genuinely wants to share something or get something off their chest; there is almost never any ill intent. But it doesn't help you determine their eligibility for benefits, and in some cases it can be inappropriate; a professional worker/client relationship needs to be maintained at all times.