"I Just Work Here" presents: Of COURSE They Knew!

Of COURSE they knew that! Of course!

So grateful I got this up on time... I've been struggling with severe sinus pain and pressure thanks to the crazy weather here in DC. I'd much rather fast-forward to allergy season, allergies hurt less than this.

A WORD ABOUT THIS CURRENT STORY: A reader recently asked me if the current story has anything to do with the current political climate. The answer is NO. This story was written well before the election even happened, and was going to be published regardless of the outcome. I have very strong opinions about the current political atmosphere-- for those who don't know, let us say simply I am unhappy with it-- but IJWH is never going to be used to air my political opinions.

IJWH is a comic about social workers, so it's going to touch on several different social topics. The main story right now is how Javiera tries to navigate an abusive relationship, but it's briefly touching on the subject of immigration and nationality, since Javiera is Latina. The fact it's being published at this time is irrelevant to what is going on in the world.

A VERY COOL RESOURCE YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: I was contacted by Affordable Colleges Online, a group that works with prospective students and their families on ways to help afford a higher education. It was suggested I inform readers about their guide for campus safety for college students, which you can visit HERE. It has a LOT of great information about ways you can stay safe, with some great statistics. If you're a current or incoming college student, or if you have a child who is, please consider checking this page out! There is a lot of good stuff on there you should know. Also, if you're trying to find ways to pay for college, they can help you navigate that, too! The link for their main page can be found HERE.