"I Just Work Here" presents: Nikki's Turn

Nikki's turn to drive Javiera nuts this morning. 8D

Couple fun new things to point out! First: You might have noticed the logo at the top of the page is different! I was never really happy with the old one; I did it digitally and it just wasn't working for me, so I'm trying a new one. I actually like this one MUCH better; the colors are right for the strip (got that yellow and purple theme going on) and they're inked. For a comic that's entirely black-and-white ink, to me that was a huge-- and important-- change. I wanted to get that fixed because within the next month or two I AM GOING TO LAUNCH A KICKSTARTER FOR THE FIRST IJWH BOOK YAY and I really want that logo to not suck. I may still make some very minor tweaks and adjustments. We shall see.

Second: There is a new gallery image! I actually completed that one about two weeks ago but forgot to put it on the website. >_< It's essentially a fun thank-you comic to everyone who stuck around throughout the February hiatus (as well as the breaks before that, yeek). Enjoy!!!