"I Just Work Here" presents: Find Your Happy Place

Mrs. Dredd has issues, she really does. I shall decline to comment on what writing her says about me as the writer.

IJWH has now invaded the following social media sites: DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, AND it now has an RSS feed! Feel free to check them out, Like them, Follow them, Subscribe to them, whichever way you prefer to stay updated on IJWH! Only Twitter and the RSS feeds will provide information about weekly updates. Check them out and spread the word! Part of IJWH acheiving world domination involves attracting more minions to enjoy the comic! MUAHAHAHAHA!


BIG website updates this week! FAQS, Behind The Scenes, Other Fun Stuff, and the Contact pages have all undergone major facelifts! (I ran out of time to touch up the Galleries section, that'll be next week.)