"I Just Work Here" presents: Truth In Advertising #1

I wish I could say I'm clever enough to have made up Nikki's fake ad myself, but the truth is I found it on a coworker's white board in the office, and SHE'd gotten it from a friend who found it online. A quick Google search revealed this ad was actually posted around New York City and a handful of other major US cities as a brief gag, then became an internet hit, and now they sell t-shirts for it. I want one of those shirts SO bad...

That being said, it should go without saying you SHOULD NOT CALL THE 1-800 NUMBER ON THE WHITE BOARD!!! It goes to an actual business, and they got tired of would-be "minions" offering their lives for the world domination attempt.

Today marks the start of IJWH's first-ever twice-a-week marathon! WOOT! The next update will be Friday June 21st! See you then!