"I Just Work Here" presents: Feel The Love

Always one to make sharp observations, Mrs. Frunchinelli never hesitates to share said observations.

I was transferred to a different office this week for a temporary project... and it has been a true blessing. Being in a less stressful environment has done wonders to reduce my stress levels. I'm hoping it hasn't shown too terribly much, but the stress had gotten so bad it had really started to affect my comics. I'm sleeping better now, though, and feeling much happier overall. On top of that, the inking on this comic was better than normal (and I even tried some new techniques!). I recently had a potentially brilliant idea for a short series here on IJWH... if it works out like I want it to, there will be twice-weekly updates! 8D But if for whatever reason twice-weekly doesn't work out... there will still be weekly updates. Cheers!