"I Just Work Here" presents: Shirley Temple From Hell

Meet Cherise.

Every office has one of these: The super-obnoxious, self-absorbed coworker who believes they are right, all the time, which naturally makes everyone around them dead wrong. Writing Cherise into the storyline was kind of an accident; I was drafting and had writer's block, and it hit me: IJWH needs one of these. So here she is. Having an antagonist like her will be great for future storylines (and, of course, the current one).

On a side note: NO UPDATE NEXT WEEKEND. I will be out of town with limited drawing time. I will definitely have the next comic ready by the 19th; with any luck I can get the second one done while I'm gone, but I'll be pretty busy so no promises on the second one. See you on the 19th!