"I Just Work Here" presents: Growing Hit-List

Can you really blame the poor dude for trying? I'd give him an "A" for Effort... or "Adorable"... or "Awful".... It's really hard to choose.

Time for the huge updates promised last week: IJWH is now officially a product of Bright Wolf Publishing!!! I started my own business October 1st, 2012; that would be the way cool logo above the Copyright statement at the bottom of this page. There is now also a Store link in the top navigation menu that sends you straight to the BWP store! At this time, the only thing(s) for sale are prints of IJWH comics; but I promise there is more coming very, very soon, in time for the holiday season. Promise. To put a damper on some of the excitement, I'm currently very ill fighting an acute bronchitis infection; the antibiotics are starting to kick in, but it's a slow recovery process. Otherwise all that other stuff would be ready by now. Grrr.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who's supported IJWH thus far: Everyone, from my family, coworkers, readers, to the folks on DA who follow and take the time to read and laugh at IJWH, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. IJWH started out as nothing more than an in-office gag I never intended to draw more than one of, and has evolved into an internationally-acclaimed webcomic with an incredible fan base, amazing readers, and now a business. Back in June 2011, you'd be hard-pressed to find IJWH if you Googled "I Just Work Here"; IJWH now averages a position at the bottom of the first Google page, and is the top hit for "I Just Work Here Comic". These things don't happen without a supportive and loyal fanbase. It's thanks to you, the reader, I continue drawing this strip. I consider myself truly fortunate to know that every time I post a strip, someone takes time out of their busy day to stop and read it. Not everyone has the honor of being able to say that, a fact I'm very acutely aware of, and it humbles and excites me every time I post a strip.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you.