"I Just Work Here" presents: Don't Say the "H"-Word

I learned a hard lesson about ink with this comic. I use Indiaman Deep Black Speedball ink because of how deep the black is... but it turns out you're supposed to mix this stuff up before using it. I haven't been doing this because the ink has been such a deep black I didn't think I needed to. Turns out the pigment stuff can settle to the bottom of the jar, and after a while there isn't enough water to keep it from coagulating. When I inked this, in the 5th panel Darren got really messed up because the ink was clumping and leaving smudge marks EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness for Photoshop and the wonders therein. I was able to mix a few different inks into my beloved Speedball bottle to get a slightly thinner ink, but not before making a huge mess and turning both hands jet-black. Lesson learned.