"I Just Work Here" presents: Easy Fix

Meet Scott, the new IT guy!

As one of the younger workers in my office, I am frequently sought out by less computer-efficient workers for help (the elderly love to assume youth alone makes you computer-literate). It's usually little things, like creating desktop shortcuts, file size adjustments or printer problems. Our office recently upgraded to Windows 7, which meant most everyone's settings got reset, and I suddenly found myself a very popular go-to person for resetting default printers and adjusting security settings on the web so people could access Data sites and so on. I'm no computer whiz, but I do understand computers. So when my workstation did not survive the software transition I became good buddies with the IT guy, who spent about 3 days with me trying to get it set straight. We talked about simple stuff: common computer problems found in the office, life in the country, football, cats... (the weather simply wasn't interesting enough). I gleaned some fun stories from him about life in the IT department, and plan on giving Scott more screentime in the future.