"I Just Work Here" presents: Watch Where You Swing

Enthusiasm is rarely restrained by common sense. In Fred's case, never.

Fun Fact: For the 7th panel, where Fred nails his own tail, I wanted to come up with as realistic a sound effect as possible, but I wasn't sure exactly how to accomplish that. What would a phantom's tail being thwacked between a pot and pan sound like? To figure this out, I sat in my kitchen beating on various items between a pot and a pan until I came up with the right sound. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn the sounds differed if I lifted them off the floor versus hitting them with the pot on the floor. Ultimately I got the sound I wanted by taking a kitchen hand towel and laying it over the edge of the pot and smacking it with the frying pan... And it sounded approximately like "SPTONK".

Who knew, right?