"I Just Work Here" presents: In This Together

Darren and Allison are good friends to have.

It's worth mentioning, if only briefly, the financial aspect of domestic violence. One way many abusers keep the victims from leaving is by controlling the finances, OR after the victim leaves taking over the finances. This happens most commonly in cases where the victim was dependent on the abuser's income to begin with, or when the two had a shared bank account and the abuser shuts the victim out or transfers the money out. The financial side of domestic violence is devastating because it leaves many people financially vulnerable. We see a lot of cases in the Welfare sector of individuals coming in for food and cash assistance because they lost control of their assets to an abusive partner.

Fortunately, the law is slowly starting to recognize the financial aspect of domestic violence, and some groups are actually starting to put together projects to help. AllState has a program to help victims of domestic violence get control of their finances; the program not only includes providing limited funds, but education and training in managing finances and assets. Good job, AllState!

I generally like to stay tight-lipped about plot and future IJWH storylines, but in this case I will make an exception and point out Javiera will NOT be dealing with any financial difficulties as a result of her crappy relationship with Marco. I just wanted to make a note that finances can become a very real part of the abuse and manipulation victims face, even if it doesn't become a factor in this story.