"I Just Work Here" presents: Lecturing

It's hard to draw Darren angry. He has such a nice, easy smile drawing angry expressions doesn't feel natural.

Some readers may be thinking Allison approached Javiera all wrong. While it's true the whole thing backfired, her intentions were good and her strategy wasn't too far-fetched. There are some people who, when pressured a bit, can be very responsive and open up immediately; but it's important to be mindful not everyone is like this. If you have a friend who's in a bad relationship and are wondering if a more forthright approach would work with them, you need know the type of people who respond well to that really depends on their personality and your relationship with them. Everyone is different. No one can sit there and give a blanket statement and say if it's a good idea or a bad one; trust your instincts and your knowledge of the person. The website SafeToTalk.org has some really great tips to help when you open a dialogue with the victim.