"I Just Work Here" presents: The Disease

There's something about the phantoms circling like sharks that made me giggle as I drew this.

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Also, I want to point something out for those who might not know: The Legal Aid poster on the wall is NOT a subtle way of saying "All Clients Are Criminals." If you've ever been inside a Social Services office you'll likely see free legal aid posters all over the place because of the wide variety of problems legal advice can assist with. We routinely see people who are in custody disputes, individuals whose spouse or partner has blocked their access to joint checking accounts and that person now needs SNAP assistance, people with a loved one who recently passed away and did not leave a will... There are all sorts of issues legal aid can help with, not just crime-related troubles. I'm not saying people never call legal aid because they've gotten in trouble with the law and need advice, that does happen; but the point needed to be made legal aid serves a variety of purposes and it's wrong to assume they're catering to a rampant criminal population among the beneficiaries.

Just so's ya know.