"I Just Work Here" presents: Allison Knows

One thing I've noticed about working in social services is how quickly you start to recognize the types of people you work with. Many of my coworkers who work in the Office for Domestic and Sexual Violence are quick to recognize a victim of these crimes; many of the people I know who work in Foster Care are quick to recognize an abused or neglected child; and for myself personally I've noticed I can quickly and easily spot an economically disenfranchised individual, regardless of their outward appearance (I'm now working on spotting fraudsters... I'll let you know how that goes).

I had a coworker who had worked at a shelter for battered women, and she said the things you see there leave a lasting impact; despite the fact she no longer works there she is quick to recognize the signs of abuse-- even when she's not looking for them. Allison is no exception.