"I Just Work Here" presents: The Way Things Are

I am sick as a dog as I post this but here goes: This strip has never delved too deeply into Fraud Phantom Lore, but I've fielded enough reader questions it was time to get into it a bit.

Allison is exactly right: Wherever you have workers frustrated with clients who lie to get benefits they're not eligible for, you get a fraud phantom (well, in the IJWH universe, anyways, I have yet to find one in the real world. Real life is just no fun.). Ostensibly any office can have a phantom so long as the workers' frustrations are potent enough. The phantoms' personalities depend largely on the workforce they represent and are subject to change based on the overall attitude of their workforce.

It's important to note phantoms appear based on the PERCEPTION of lies the workers feel they're being told, not the actual amount. The phantoms are not intended to reflect how horrible the clients are, that's not the case or point being made. They simply reflect how frustrated the workers can get, nothing more. =)