"I Just Work Here" presents: Don't Feel Bad

That creepy song playing on the boom box IS ACTUALLY A REAL SONG. I Googled "Creepy Bunny Song" to find an appropriately creepy song, and this was one of the first hits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGF8dhihicU

There are several of these Schnuffel/Snuggle Bunny videos. They have the same whacked-out graphics, exact same techno beat and nauseating lyrics. I personally find things like this to be inexcusably creepy, but the worst part about these videos is they have not thousands, but MILLIONS of hits. Which means they have somehow attained internet popularity. As I am unashamedly never fully aware of what the latest internet memes, fads or trending things are this completely escaped my notice (I didn't even learn about Grumpy Cat until about a month after that exploded online). Finding things like these Schnuffel Bunny videos only serves to reinforce my belief I am better off behind a hermit and drawing all day long and pretending the internet does not exist until it's time to upload a comic.