Lazy Fall Afternoon

This was an old post from last year that somehow did not get posted to the websites. The past couple of years I competed in the annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest. I've had a blast doing it, but for 2015 I decided to just lay back and not stress myself out, so I didn't compete. I still wanted to do a Halloween Dreamkeepers piece however; I've really enjoyed doing one the past few years, and on top of that this is the 10th year Dreamkeepers has been around! So of course I had to do SOMEthing, and here we are! The main cast of Dreamkeepers enjoying a crisp fall afternoon. From left to right: Mace, Lilith, Bast, Whip, Cuddles/Vincent, Namah. 

Dreamkeepers does NOT belong to me, this is a fanart! Dreamkeepers Copyright David and Liz Lillie, all rights reserved. You can visit their website HERE. Original image drawn on 11x14" sheet of bristol, inked with Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2 sable brush, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5.