I was asked several months ago by a fellow DA member if I had an original character. Meet Caier (pronounced KAI-er). She can summon and manipulate lightning, as well as run on it.

This took me a very long time to put together, but I'm very happy with how it came out. Every time I draw something, I'm always looking to improve SOMEthing, whether it's the coloring, inking, drafting, perspective, what have you. For me this picture was a huge step, maybe even a jump, forward. I learned some new techniques during the creative process, and while there are always things that can be improved upon, I consider this one a success.

The idea of a Dreamkeeper is Copyright to Dave and Liz Lillie (their work can be found here). Caier, however, is my own original character and Copyright 2012 Caitlin Baner.

Original drawing done on 11x14" bristol board, inked with Winsor&Newton Series 7 #2 sable brush, colored in Adobe Photoshop CS5.